Alumni IRL

In my experience, I’ve always seen the story of the successful alumni. This is my semi-average adventure into being alumni – the ups and the downs.

I graduated from Dalhousie University in May of 2016. It’s been what’s felt like a long journey in technical learning and self-development since I’ve left the comfortable walls of my Faculty.

Chatting with some of my circles I had started journaling my experiences and progress through post-grad life. Someday with the hopes that I could share my experiences and perhaps help someone else who might be in the same boat.


Since graduation, I’ve struggled with my identity, how I wanted to shape my career, and losing interest in things that used to give me joy. It eventually got to a point where nothing seemed to help and I had a bit of an emotional break two years ago that saw a lot of change in my life.

The journey never ends whether we’re talking about being thrown into new, uncomfortable experiences or mental health journeys.  I’ve always loved trying to help people, and having people who share their experiences is so important in tech. But I needed to take some time to work on me before I could begin to help anyone besides myself.

Hopefully, this is the start of sharing my story and experiences to help the next person. It’s taken me a year since first writing this post to want to make it public, but I think it’s time.

In the meantime, I’m always sharing stories and perspective from other awesome people in tech on Twitter who deserve to have their story heard.
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Cheers y’all