Brittany Kelly is a software developer bringing ideas to life and learning whatever is thrown their way. Flexing my creative muscles both with visuals and creating beautiful code is where I have been happiest.


Chimera (noun): a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail

I like to code, design, draw, learn aerial circus, photography seems cool, powerlifting, dance… In tech, I’ve jumped around 4+ CMSs, at least 3 programming languages, and countless frameworks. My interests (both professionally and personally) are varied and are all combined into me – much like a Chimera has its separate parts that make its entire whole.


My technical journey:

I’ve spent the last 7+ years of my career working on primarily front-end technologies. I have experience developing CMS powered websites (WordPress, Drupal, AEM) as well as SaaS products. While working in consulting roles I was faced with any number of challenges (like a one-off Laravel site while working in WordPress/Drupal, and making an ATG loyalty site accessible using Lynx (a text only browser) are two of my strangest I think! ) in addition to the expected CMS feature development. I’ve also found myself assisting with SEO optimization, mentoring, acting as a connection point between teams, presenting to an entire development department about performance, and creating MVPs for new ideas. I haven’t based my branding off a chimera for nothing

During the last two years at University, I was introduced to the Dalhousie Women in Technology Society and found my place within the faculty community. In those two years, I sat as first the Vice President of the society which had at most 4 active members Then led the society as the President in my final year. By the time my position ended in 2016, the society had flourished to close to 25 active members.

The women in tech movement had been the driving force for staying in Computer Science after struggling beginning third year (a notorious year for CS Majors). After attending Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Tech in 2015, I felt an inspiration that was unlike any other event I had ever participated in. I want to share that drive and passion with prospective women in tech, and those currently in it! 

I’ve had the opportunity to organize community events, have an interview on Global, invited to speak at events such as PodCamp (2017), Atlantic ConnecTions Conference (2017), and many CS Days at Dal FCS. I’ve also been invited to talk about my industry experience to a few Digital Skills for Women cohorts (2021, 2023)

Ask her anything! Contact at hi@computationalchimera.ca

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and posts expressed here are solely my own work and do not reflect the opinions or sponsorship of any companies, except where explicitly stated. If you have any questions, please email me at hi@computationalchimera.ca. Resume available upon request.